Social/Play Group

Due to COVID restrictions, our social play group will now start in 2022.
Time and day to be announced.

Play group will be open to all families enrolled at Tillerkite Pre-School,  no matter what day they attend.

The aim of the social play group will be to support the families in our community, give children the extra opportunity to play and develop their skills and for families to make connections with others.

The group will be organised by qualified educator Sarah Phillips, with help from other members of the committee.

During the social group, you may wish to participate in some group projects we have planned or assist around the kinder (eg. watering the gardens, sweeping, preparing activities for the sessions). This of course is optional, and our focus is for everyone to come and meet others. We are hoping to team up with the Somerville Community House and work on some projects with them, as they have shown interest in playing instruments, helping with arts and crafts, cooking and gardening.

A community trolley and library are also set up outside kinder. Feel free to take items, swap items or donate items.

If you feel that the social group is something you may enjoy, then please come along! We would love to get to know the families at our wonderful kinder. It’s also okay if you aren’t able to attend each week or make it on time. We want to offer a flexible, relaxed, fun group that meets the needs of our kinder community.