Community Library & Trolley

“You can find magic wherever you look, sit back and relax, all you need is a book.”
– Dr. Seuss


We started our community library box and trolley in 2021. It started life as an old dollhouse that was upcycled and painted by our preschool children and has been turned in to a small library. The books have been donated by our families or found at local op shops.

Our main goal is to ensure that all children have access to a variety of books to read and enjoy. You are welcome to keep the books, swap books, donate books! We don’t mind. We love to see children choosing books to take home.

It’s not just about books though, we also have a trolley that holds a variety of items to share with the community. This could include things such as fruit and vegetables, toys in great condition, seeds, plants and items of clothing (just to name a few).

We encourage families to donate similar items where possible including any items in good condition that you feel someone could use.