3-year-old Kinder Program

The 3-year-old kinder program provides the fundamentals for children beginning their path to learning and education.

We currently offer a 6-hour group (1 x 6hr session) and 12-hour group (2 x 6hr session) of funded 3-year-old kinder per week and can have up to 22 children in each group. 

The sessions are facilitated by a bachelor trained educator and a diploma qualified co-educator.

As research has shown, children learn best through play. We provide a variety of hands-on experiences that give the children the opportunity to explore, experiment and develop their knowledge and skills.

Our 3-year-old program aims to:

We understand that this may be your child’s first preschool experience and their first time away from you. Our experienced, nurturing educators aim to support you and your child as they take this big step. Our educators work as a team ensure a smooth transition from the 3 to 4-year-old program at the end of the year.